Interview Resources

Submitting Your Resume

If you are a recent graduate, look for entry-level positions on our “current openings” page or check with your career center on campus for open positions. Please apply for any openings through Gilbert’s Career Center or by emailing us at

If you are interested in applying for a full-time position upon graduation, please use handshake, or contact the career center on your campus for our on-campus interview dates and times. Alternatively, please apply for any openings through our Careers page or send your resume to

If you are a current student interested in applying for an internship, please apply through our Careers page or send your resume to

First Interview

Top candidates will be contacted and asked to interview with several management team members. If you are interviewing for a full-time position after graduation, we primarily conduct the first interview on campus. If that is not an option, we will arrange an in-house or online interview. At this stage, you will meet with a member of the management team.

Second Interview

After the initial interviews, select candidates will be invited for a second interview. In the second round of interviews, you will typically meet with three members of Gilbert's team, including a partner.

The Offer

We are generally able to decide within two weeks of the second interview and will give you a call if we decide to make our candidates an offer.

Interview Tips

  1. Do your research about Gilbert
  2. Prepare for your interview ahead of time
  3. Map out the route to the firm and arrive early
  4. Remember you are interviewing us too. Ask questions
  5. Try to relax. You got this.

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