Kyle Gabriel, CPA

Senior Tax Associate

Kyle currently serves as a senior tax associate, where he assists in preparing C Corp, S Corp, LLC Partnership, nonprofit, fiduciary, and other accounting and tax-related issues.

Kyle is a graduate of California State University, Sacramento with a Bachelors of Science degree in Business (Accountancy).

Life Away From Gilbert

Outside of the office, I enjoy eating out at various food places and traveling. Whenever I am traveling, I am always on Yelp looking for good food around the area. I like trying new things while traveling as well.

What is your favorite board game?

Monopoly. It is super cool that Monopoly has many different designs for its boards. The game itself is pretty enjoyable to play with friends and family.

What is your favorite Movie?

Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame. I watch every Marvel movie that comes out and the shows associated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s incredible to see what they have built over the years.

What makes you laugh no matter what?

YouTube videos always make me laugh. It depends on the creators and content, of course.