Anetta Scomaroha


Anetta serves as an audit associate here at Gilbert. She works directly with clients and assists with any audit needs. Anetta has a bachelors degree in economics from Sacramento State and is continuing her education in order to reach the CPA educational requirement. 


Life Away From Gilbert 

"In my free time, I love to travel and explore the world around me with my fiance and loved ones. I also enjoy exploring new coffee shops with my friends and picking up new hobbies that I never seem to be to good at."

Best gift you've ever received?

The best gift I have ever received are my siblings. May be a bit cheesy, but I am blessed to have my family and materialistic gifts do not compare. 

What is your favorite hobby?

My favorite hobby right now is sewing. I have an almost finished baby dress and a half finished summer dress. Safe to say, I'm making some progress. 

Favorite subject in high school?

My all time favorite subject in high school was Biology, specifically human anatomy and the study of germs and diseases. I went to a medically centered charter school, where wearing scrubs was part of the dress code. I wanted to become a nurse, but life had other plans.