Year-End Reminders for Your Business Taxes

Here’s your business slogan for December: Buy-Give-Start. As the year winds down, those three words summarize tax-planning actions you can take to save money on your 2014 business taxes.

  • Buy. Equipment you purchase and place in service before December 31 is eligible for a deduction called Section 179 expensing. Section 179 lets you write off the full cost of qualifying assets in the year of purchase, even if your in-service date is December 31.
    For 2014, you can expense up to $500,000 of assets you buy during the year.
  • Give. Make contributions to qualified charities. The rules are generally the same as for individuals, though exceptions exist, such as a special deduction for inventory you donate from your “C” corporation.

    Contributions may be deductible on your personal tax return, depending on the form of your business.

  • Start. Establish a retirement plan. Tax benefits include deductible contributions, tax-deferred growth, and the potential for a federal income tax credit to offset start-up costs.

    Examples of plans you can set up by year-end include a solo or group 401(k), a simplified employee pension plan (known as a SEP), or a profit sharing plan.

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