Who’s Got the Talent?

Someday, your organization’s board chair will likely step down or, per your bylaws, it will be time to rotate the position. So, start thinking of a replacement before that happens.

The board (via its nominating committee) and staff should pinpoint a board member (or two) who’s a strategic thinker who focuses on the nonprofit’s mission, vision and long-term goals. Working well with your management team and being able to effectively represent the organization in the community are other requirements.

It’s up to your organization to ensure these members get the exposure and training needed to someday step up to the No. 1 board post. Give them the chance to participate in a wide variety of committees, task forces and advisory boards.

Some organizations require a progression through the officer ranks as a way to prepare the next board president for the role. This progression allows service with the executive committee to ease the transition. Establishing a “chair elect” or a “past chair” position on the board also can aid the transition.