Video-Game Marathon Raises Over $1.5 Million

A small nonprofit open to trying something new recently collected more than $1.5 million in donations by participating in the semiannual “Awesome Games Done Quick” video-game marathon. The Prevent Cancer Foundation provided marketing and staff support, as well as food for gamers, at the marathon, which was held over six days in Washington, D.C., in early January and simultaneously broadcast online.

Twice a year Games Done Quick teams up with a charity to put on the competition. In the January event, nearly 1,000 video-game fans took turns playing and watching in person while 9.4 million viewers worldwide followed along through the online broadcast.

“I feel these guys are developing a very different culture of philanthropy,” a Prevent Cancer Foundation spokeswoman told a U.S. philanthropic publication. “They’re bringing a diverse group of people together, not only nationally but internationally, to benefit a cause.” Even though the average donation — $39.90 — was small, the benefits really added up because of the level of participation: A total of 29,652 donors made 39,014 donations during the event.

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