“Social Impact” Index of Charities Launched

Taking a cue from Wall Street, a national philanthropy group has introduced an index of charities based on proof of meeting their mission and the potential to reach more people. The organization, Social Impact Exchange (SIE), on Nov. 14 launched the Social Impact 100 (S&I 100), modeled on aspects of the S&P 500, an index of select stocks.

According to the S&I 100’s founders, the index “aggregates top-performing, evidence-based nonprofits so that funders — donors and foundations — can be confident they’re contributing to organizations that consistently deliver impact.”

On the website SI100.org (http://www.SI100.org), potential donors can peruse not only the 100 high-impact nonprofits that, SEI says, have been rigorously screened (through third-party verified studies), but also nearly 16,000 local affiliates. Potential donors can search the site by geographic area and mission, including education, health, youth and poverty.