You don’t stop learning at Gilbert.  We invest in our staff members to keep them current and growing in their profession.

Our commitment to continuing education and career development ensures instruction in a full range of topics essential to your success.

We recognize that on-the-job training accounts for a significant part of professional development. Therefore we will (1) discuss with you the relationship of the work you are performing to the engagement as a whole (2) permit you, when practicable, to become involved in areas of the engagement other than those previously assigned (3) provide job-by-job progress reports.

“Associates are able to gain experience in a variety of public accounting specialties.  There are so many opportunities at Gilbert.”

-Amanda Williams, Manager


Gilbert, Inc. provides at least 40 hours of CPE training per year to
CPAs and CPA candidates.

Gilbert University is the firm’s curriculum of internal training.  Provided exclusively for Gilbert staff members, Gilbert shareholders and managers share from their experience, and teach the specialized skills needed for a career in accounting.

We utilize our membership in CPA Associates International to conduct
regional training with sister firms throughout the west coast.  This allows our
staff opportunities to network with other CPA professionals and receive training on the latest changes to accounting standards and methods.

Our senior staff members frequently attend AICPA and CalCPA state and national conferences.