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Linda Geery, CPA

Tax Shareholder
24 Years of Experience


Linda is the shareholder in charge of the Firm’s tax and accounting services departments. She specializes in tax-exempt organizations as well as privately held businesses.

Linda obtained her bachelor of science in accountancy from California State University Sacramento.


In my free time, I enjoy cycling with my husband, Mark, whether on the American River Bike Trails or vacation. I also enjoy spending time getting my hands dirty in my garden, and virtually anything with my granddaughter, Kate.

Do you have a favorite breakfast cereal?
Well, it was Applejacks, but now that’s a no-no! These days it’s plain oatmeal for me with chopped walnuts and fresh fruit.

Food for the soul or music for the soul? Why?
Music for the soul for sure, music restores me to a place of peace and balance.

Would you ever consider living in a tiny house?
Yes, there is something very comforting about the idea.