Mar 28, 2022 ,

Jeyna Bhakta

Staff Associate
1 Years of Experience

Jeyna Bhakta

Jeyna serves as a staff associate who performs audit and review services for clients, including non-for-profits, employee benefit plans, and school districts.

Jeyna obtained her bachelor’s in Accounting and Finance and a certificate in professional accounting from California State University, Chico.


In my free time, I love to read. My goal is to have the Beauty and the Beast library. I also like skydiving, bungee jumping, and para-gliding when I’m traveling. But when I’m home I like to wake up super early and go on hikes.

What movie, book, or TV show changed your life?
Harry Potter! The books are what started my obsession with reading.

What is the kindest thing someone ever did for you?
I was trying to figure out what to get my dad for his birthday and my friend who works for the Rams ended up getting me Super Bowl tickets. I gave them to my dad and he was so happy and excited, he had tons of fun with his friends!

What trait most defines who you are?
I like to be optimistic; looking at things from a bright and positive point of view really changes the situation and how I handle things.