Oct 18, 2019 ,

Jesse Kaplan, CPA

Senior Assoicate
9 Years of Experience


Jesse is currently a senior associate specializing in tax. His interests within the firm are in the nonprofit, small business, individual, and trust and estate industries, among others.

Jesse studied economics at UCLA and is currently pursuing a master’s of taxation with Golden Gate University.


I am passionate about nature, wildlife, family, and friends, and enjoy our wonderful Sacramento Valley farmers markets, cooking, traveling, and exploring. I am interested in running, cycling, motorcycles, languages, art, and I love music. In my time outside of the office, I am usually hanging with my cat, my husband, or my close friends and family.

How do you like to spend a rainy day?
I like to spend a rainy day upon the mountains exploring or snowboarding, or dreaming of powdery snowy mountains to board down.

Why do you like living in the Sacramento area?
I enjoy living in the Sacramento area because of the bountiful farmer’s markets, beautiful places, and our music, sports, and art communities.

Favorite countries you have visited?
Some of my favorite countries that I have traveled to are Peru, Columbia, Vietnam, and Italy.