Jan 6, 2022 ,

Jaspreet Bola

Audit Associate
1 Year of Experience

Jaspreet Bola

Jaspreet serves as an Audit Associate, performing audit services for various clients, including nonprofits and employee benefit plans.

Jaspreet is a graduate of UC Davis where she obtained a Masters in Professional Accountancy.


I love going out with my friends and family in my time away from the office. I love to travel to new places, especially to hiking trails. When I am super free, I love to listen to True Crime podcasts and watch sci-fi or reality tv series.

What is one of your life-long dreams?
To achieve eternal happiness.

If you were famous, what would you be famous for?
Probably for being some type of meme.

Favorite T.V. show?
Currently obsessed with Manifest and Stranger Things.