Oct 18, 2019 ,

Augusta Boice, CPA, MPAc

Senior Associate
2 Years of Experience


Augusta serves as a senior associate in our accounting services department. She assists our amazing clients to keep their books in order, reports their financial information in a meaningful way, and plan for the future by preparing budgets and forecasts. With the assistance of the other team members in our dynamic accounting service department, she also advises clients on compliance, out-of-the-ordinary accounting issues, and accounting system improvement.

Augusta earned her Bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Oklahoma and her Master’s in Professional Accountancy from UC Davis.


I spend most of my time with my three children at school and church activities, Boy Scouts, Martial Arts, or music lessons. In our free time, we like to watch Survivor or the Amazing Race, movies like the Avengers, and hike in the great outdoors. We also love visiting with our family in Utah and on the East Coast.

Weirdest thing you’ve eaten on vacation?
I’ve never eaten anything weird on vacation; half the reason I’m a vegetarian is to avoid having to eat weird food…

What led you to this career?
I love to be helpful, and who doesn’t need help with keeping track of their money?

Which one do you never wish to pay for, gasoline or groceries?
Gasoline-all electric baby!