Online Fundraising Scores On “Give Local” Day

More than 305,000 donors contributed over $50 million in this year’s inaugural Give Local America fundraising drive, a single-day charitable event held in May. The average donor gift was approximately $113. The donations were distributed to 7,700 nonprofit groups participating in 120 communities, according to event organizer Kimbia, a provider of online-giving technology.

The event, which introduced many participating nonprofits to online-donation technology, celebrated the 100th anniversary of U.S. community foundations. Donations were funneled to nonprofits in two ways: 1) Community foundations collected and distributed the funds to participating area nonprofits, and 2) Network for Good filled that role in communities where a foundation wasn’t involved. Kimbia received a fee of 2.99% of funds processed to cover project management and related expenses. A second-year event is scheduled for May 2015.