Claire Davis

Administrative Assistant

Claire holds a position as one of the administrative assistants to the tax department. She assists with new client setup and assembling the tax returns when completed. She also collaborates with audit and accounting services departments with their assembly.

Claire has over seven years of experience working for another CPA firm, as well as college courses from Fresno State.

Life Away From Gilbert

In my free time, I enjoy playing video games. I started out playing computer RPGs back in high school but currently play mostly on my consol. I have a large family, so they take up a fair amount of my time. We love to get together for holidays and swim trips to the lakes nearby. I also have found joy in baking. It was my grandmother’s favorite hobby, and I continue it to remember her.

If you had to pick one age to be permanent, which period would you choose and why?

I would select the age of five. Life was so much easier! It was easier to make friends; all you needed to make a new friend was to like their shirt. We also still got nap time, and my mom would pack my lunch.

Three words your friends use to describe you?

Odd? Funny? Kind? This would be easier to come up with if I had friends.

If you could have an endless supply of one item, what would you get?

Endless supply of salt, that way, if the world turns into mad max times, I can still make jerky.