CPA Exam Bonus

Gilbert encourages its new associates to take and pass the CPA exam within two years of employment.  Any employee new to public accounting, who takes and passes the CPA exam during his or her first year of employment at Gilbert, is eligible for a $2,000 bonus, if taken and passed in the second year of employment he or she is eligible for a $1,000 bonus.

The firm allows up to four days in the two years as time off with pay to take the CPA exam. Once passed, the firm pays for associated fees of obtaining and maintaining the CPA certification.

Professional Societies

Participation in CPA affairs is regarded as an integral part of being a professional.  The firm pays your annual dues in the AICPA and state society.

Professional & Community Events

There are several professional and community event tickets offered complimentary to staff throughout the year. We encourage active participation in our region.

Social Events

Staff members can participate on a social committee to coordinate fun events throughout the year.  The firm enjoys a holiday party, an end-of-tax-season event, and a summer picnic. All staff are given the opportunity to attend one Sacramento King’s game per calendar year and the seats are so close, you can almost touch a player.

Free Food

Audit shareholders and managers are known to treat their teams to lunch about once each week, buddies and mentors take associates to lunch, and during busiest times of the year, hot dinners are ordered for everyone working after hours.

Complimentary soda, candy, popcorn, and coffee are always available, and the firm maintains a special pantry of food, reserved for those in the office during the occasional “third shift” or weekend.

Free Parking and Your Own Desk

We are headquartered in Natomas where I-5 and I-80 cross.  You may have seen our sign as you’ve driven by.  We’re just minutes from downtown Sacramento, but are so glad that we don’t have it’s daily traffic and parking challenges.  Gilbert associates enjoy a spacious office where everyone has their own desk.

New Business Bonus

A bonus is available for new client business generated by staff below senior manager level.  This bonus is designed to share the profit on a new client, and additional services to existing clients for one year, with the staff member who brought the business in the door.

Making Speeches and Writing for Publication

The firm encourages staff members to write articles for publication in accounting journals and in other publications and to make speeches to various professional, business, and civic groups.

Often the subject matter for a speech can be edited and revised so as to become an article for publication. It is worth the effort, since the firm pays a $250 award for an article accepted for publication by an appropriate journal.