A GilbertFIT Case Study – CSG Needs Access to Experience Accounting Experts

The Problem:

Conservation Strategy Group (CSG) has a rock-solid administrator who knows their business inside and out but isn’t a trained accountant. While she had knowledge of QuickBooks, she still wasn’t comfortable that she was doing everything the right way. The anxiety and stress was even more pronounced because there was no one to turn to for help in her office. Then, her IT consultant recommended Gilbert and the GilbertFIT solution for accounting support.

The GilbertFIT Solution:

CSG asked for our assistance in typical accounting activities like processing accounts payable, entering payroll, entering credit card transactions and reconciling all bank and credit card accounts.  We also helped with needed financial reporting. We were able to offer real value which included new insights into their business operations and we helped them move from a desktop version of QuickBooks to QuickBooks Online. The online approach allows for multiple users, real-time data use and we can work inside the program from our own office, saving trips and downtime.

The Result:

With GilbertFIT, we’re an extension of CSG’s internal accounting department. They’ve given us read-only access to bank and credit card accounts. We have immediate access to data. So at any time, we can answer questions, solve problems and give helpful support, sometimes without having to interrupt our client. We have become a cost-effective solution for CSG. At first, the change was somewhat unsettling and a bit confusing but it only took a month and the administrator was hooked.

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